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eczema journey

Life with eczema is hard...

But it IS possible to make it less difficult!

You have tried all the "cures" out there. You have spent tons of money and time making trips to your doctor. People tell you to try this and that, and you feel like you've tried it all, but in the end, you are still stuck with eczema. You are tired, itchy, and mentally exhausted all the time.

living with eczemaIf this describes you, welcome to my world.

I've had atopic dermatitis since I was born. My family and I were optimistic that I would grow out of it, but it didn't happen. I spent many years searching for the cure, only to be let down over and over.

Then I realized that while there is no magic cure for this condition, I could manage it to the point where my life was livable. While I was busy concentrating on the physical side of treating this condition, I had neglected my mental and emotional needs. Life was passing me by before I knew it, because I was so fixated on having the "perfect skin."

This site focuses on the emotional aspect of eczema, the ins and outs of living with this condition. Yes, it is still important to continuously look for bettering your skin, but in the meantime, you cannot put your life on hold. Having a productive life while managing such a daunting chronic condition seems impossible, but it can certainly be done.

Here, you will find:

  • Stress relief tips specifically geared towards sufferers like you
  • My empathic stories of what it is like to live with this condition
  • Time management techniques that enable you to get things done, despite having this condition
  • My views on certain treatments and how you can use them to strengthen your skin and mind
  • And much more - any mental and emotional issues related to eczema

Think of this chronic condition as a journey; it's full of hardships and challenges, but you can still come out ahead in the end. I will show you how.

Main Articles

What is Eczema?
Medical definition aside, the answer to - what is eczema - is that it can bring emotional consequences.

Eczema Rash - One Step at a Time
Tired of the run-of-the mill - try this cure - approach? Here is more practical guide to dealing with eczema rash.

Eczema Causes - Everyone is Different!
You know what the common eczema causes are. Whatever it is, it is not your fault.

Eczema Treatments - Vigilance Pays Off
Just because they are common doesn't mean they don't work. Weave the eczema treatments into your daily routine.

What Atopic Eczema Taught Me About Gratitude
Having atopic eczema since birth has taught me a lot about gratitude. You can apply this to your own life as well.

Infant Eczema Management for Parents
Watching your child suffer from infant eczema can be painful. Here are some tips from a child's point of view.

Which Foods Cause Eczema?
When it comes to determining which foods cause eczema, there is more to it than simply following the traditional list of foods to avoid.

Eczema Lotion and Moisturizers
Moisturizing is a critical part of skin care. I discuss my personal criteria for eczema lotion. No, I don't think all commercial moisturizers are evil.

Cure for Eczema? Why I Don't Believe in it
Why I don't believe in a cure for eczema. I believe in getting better, but that is not the same as finding cures for eczema.

Home Remedies for Eczema
Many home remedies for eczema are valid and have a place in the treatment of eczema. But they need to be used with caution.

Clothing for Eczema
Best clothing for eczema is usually made out of cotton. But there are other specialty eczema clothes to consider.





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