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eczema journey

Adult Eczema - It's Hard for Two Reasons

adult eczemaAdult eczema can develop for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is if the person had eczema as a child, was fortunate enough to grow out of it, and it decided to make a comeback.

I can't speak from experience since I can only wish I had the luxury of actually "growing out" of eczema, but I can't imagine it'd be all too easy for a grown adult to have to face such a condition.

From an emotional standpoint, I can think of two reasons why adult eczema would be harder to deal with than child eczema.

1. The Sudden Factor

When it comes to skin problems, I have been fortunate in a sense that eczema is the only major thing I have to deal with. I didn't have to go through the most common rite of passage for teenagers, called acne. I think the reason might be that my skin, since it was mostly dry, didn't have overactive sebum production that often plugs the pores, trapping bacteria and causing acne.

Whatever the reason, I can venture a guess that having acne would not be fun and I would be extremely self-conscious and quite obsessive over it. If I were to suddenly be struck with the condition now, nearing 30 years of age, I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself at first, because I have no prior experience with it.

I reckon that having eczema as an adult would be a similar experience. Many people who have had eczema since birth or childhood had their whole lives to get used to it. They know the ins and outs of the condition, what aggravates it, and what makes it better.

People with adult eczema haven't had the time to figure all this out, so at first, it may come as a shock and annoyance. Having to deal with this newfound condition so suddenly can be stressful.

2. More Things At Stake

Another reason I believe it can be harder for adults to get eczema suddenly is because grown ups tend to have more things at stake, such as:

  • Jobs - especially difficult if they involve extensive face-to-face interactions, like sales
  • Social relationships - eczema can be a nuisance when it comes to dating
  • Family relationships - many adults get married and have children. Any kind of disease or condition can affect those relationships since managing it takes time and energy that can be spent on the loved ones.

adult eczemaAlthough I like being an adult since it gives me more sense of control in my own life, I must say being a child was somewhat easier due to having less responsibilities. Adulthood means more stress for many people, and since eczema is easily aggravated by stress, people who get this condition later in life have more to watch out for.

The flip-side of adult eczema is that adults probably didn't build their entire lives and personalities around having to deal with chronic eczema (example: me). If this condition happens to strike an adult who otherwise has strong mind and body, he/she is likely to recover quickly and move on with life.

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