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Eczema Ointment Review - Aquaphor

My personal criteria for "good" eczema ointment are:

1. It has to be inexpensive

2. It has to have good consistency in texture

Aquaphor Healing Ointment meets the above two criteria. It's not my first choice of eczema ointment for a few reasons (explained under "Cons"), but when my skin is extra dry in the winter months, nothing gets the job done like Aquaphor.


1. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Say what you will about commercial moisturizers, but when eczema is as chronic and long-term as mine, it costs quite a bit of money and time just to maintain an "acceptable" level of skin. Natural, organic moisturizers tend to cost a lot more and they also don't give me enough to cover all my dry skin. In order to determine if a moisturizer is going to work, I have to be able to use it for more than a few days, so it can't be too cost prohibitive.

To me, commercial moisturizers such as Aquaphor is perfectly adequate for controlling my dry skin. One of the biggest reasons is because of its cost.

The standard 3.5 oz jar costs around 8 bucks, which isn't too bad, but what I recommend is getting the big 14 oz jar for around $17. That lasts quite a bit, at least enough to see that it works. 

2. It moisturizes... like no other!

Aquaphor's thick and heavy consistency is meant for the most stubborn of dry skin. Therefore, I don't find it appropriate as an "everyday" emollient once I'm past the stage where my skin is falling off in flakes. But it has worked wonders for my wind-chapped or overly dry, flaky skin. I can usually see the result within a couple days of applying.


1. It's really thick and greasy

Aquaphor has the texture and the consistency of a petroleum jelly by Vaseline. This makes is hard to go to sleep while Aquaphor is applied to my skin, unless I brace myself for sticking onto my sheets (not to mention having to wash them the next day). Also, the same reason makes it hard to wear any of my "good" clothes.

Because of its thickness, it takes a long time to apply to the whole body, unlike a more fluid lotion. 

2. It smells medicinal

The smell isn't something I mind as much, but I thought other people might. The product's description says it is free of fragrance, but that doesn't mean there is no smell!


My skin is usually pretty dry to the touch; it doesn't have that supple softness that can be found in normal skin. But it doesn't actually come off in flakes everyday - that only occurs during the winter months when the humidity is at its lowest.

When I wake up in the morning and my sheets look like I have been rolling in oatmeal flakes all night, that's when I know a strong eczema ointment like Aquaphor comes in.

I usually apply it after I take a bath/shower, so I can lock in the moisture. I do this couple hours before bed so I don't have to feel all icky when I lie down. After I apply it to my entire body, I put on something comfortable like a pajama and do something that would take the mind off my skin, such as surfing the net or reading. It's important to not lean against something because the entire backside sticking to my clothes can feel not-so-comfortable.

After my extremely dry skin is under control (i.e. I no longer shed like a cat) within a few days of using Aquaphor, I generally go back to my main moisturizer, which is lighter and easier to apply. But I still keep Aquaphor handy in a 0.7 oz pack so I can nip any signs of dryness in the bud.

Definitely one eczema ointment I recommend and is worth a shot! 

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