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eczema journey

Eczema Shampoo Review -
T-Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

It is my belief that everyone with eczema has his/her own "favorite" eczema shampoo, that one shampoo that works like a match made in heaven.

I was pretty lucky to find mine early, and that happens to be a T/Gel therapeutic shampoo. Neutrogena seems to be the most popular brand, but I usually just get whatever store brand (Up & Up from Target, for example) because it's a couple dollars cheaper.

Scalp eczema can be a nuisance if it's not under control right away. Once the incessant itching and scratching cycle begins, weepy patches of eczema form, which turn into scabs that itch more. Aside from being irritating, they don't smell too good either. Before this happens, it's best to get a regimen with a reliable eczema shampoo going; for me, T/Gel therapeutic shampoo gets the job done.


1. It is inexpensive.

I apply the same criteria to my shampoos as I do to my moisturizers. One of the top criteria is that they can't be too expensive. Shampoo is an every day item so I really don't want to pay a lot of money for a little amount.

Most T/Gel therapeutic shampoos come under 10 dollars and they are easily found at any drugstore. One bottle can easily last 3 weeks to a month even after a daily washing.

2. It controls the itch.

This is obviously THE most important factor when I choose my shampoo. My scalp eczema hasn't been that severe in the recent years, and that is because I got the itchiness under control.

T/Gel therapeutic shampoo is actually known more for controlling scalp psoriasis, so it's not strictly an eczema shampoo. But the front label does say it is good for seborrheic dermatitis, and also itchy and flaky scalp.

I have used other shampoos without problems, while alternating between the T/Gel and some other commercial brand for years until recently. I developed a sudden, consistent itch this year while using my regular shampoo. The only shampoo that hasn't given me that kind of reaction if the T/Gel and I've been using it every day since.


1. It smells medicinal.

Personally, I love the smell of fresh pine tree that is T/Gel. But I've read other reviews that took up issues with the medicinal nature of this shampoo's odor.

To me, how my hair smells isn't such a big deal as long as it smells clean, but I do understand where the complaint comes from. In a world of romance, girls are often identified by the scent of their hair, of it being fresh, rosey, or the signature smell of Herbal Essence that anyone can recognize. I'm not sure if "tar-like" or "medicinal" would be such a desirable description of one's hair.

2. It doesn't do styling.

I feel fortunate enough to have naturally full hair so this hasn't been an issue for me. T/Gel therapeutic shampoo is meant to do one job, and one job only - that is to control the itchy scalp associated with whatever skin condition. It doesn't make the volume of the hair fuller. It doesn't make the texture of the hair softer or more shiny.

In other words, it's not Pantene Pro V.


Most instructions for T/Gel therapeutic shampoo say to use twice a week or as directed by doctor. I work out everyday, so I've had to wash my hair everyday as well and so far, I haven't found any problems with using T/Gel everyday. I really have no choice since other shampoos make my scalp itchy.

I usually wet my hair with warm water until my scalp is thoroughly wet, then massage the shampoo onto my scalp until there is enough foam. I leave it on for a couple minutes because it feels nice and tingly and seems to cool my scalp. Then I wash with lukewarm water, then cold water in the end. 

Since my life involves making eczema affect me as little as possible, I can overlook the cons. This shampoo controls the itch like no other and that is good enough for me.

I recommend giving T/Gel therapeutic shampoo a shot and hope that it becomes YOUR eczema shampoo match made in heaven! 

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