Welcome to the Eczema Journey Blog!

My name is Liam and I’ve suffered with eczema for most of my life – for 40+ years and counting!

Some of my earliest memories are of dealing with severe eczema as a child – itching like crazy, having nasty red rashes all over my body and using countless creams to get some sort of relief.

Over the years I have had periods where my skin has been clear and completely symptom free and other periods where I’ve had chronic eczema from head to toe – with minimal relief despite intensive treatment with steroids, moisturizers and herbal supplements.

I have tried just about every possible approach to managing my eczema including traditional medications, naturapathy, homeopathy, various diets, Chinese medicine and now for just over 12 months I have been self-administering Dupixent injections.

Most medical professionals I have dealt with have said that my condition is genetic, hereditary and will be with me for life. I have accepted this conclusion however I believe that allergy is the main trigger for me personally and through a healthy, clean lifestyle I can enjoy sustained periods of clear skin with minimal eczema symptoms.

As any eczema sufferer knows, there are many lifestyle factors that are affected by eczema including extreme self-conscioussness, stress and anxiety, reduced clothing options (I wear long pants during hot summers when the eczema on my legs is bad), reluctance to play sports or engage in physical activity (for fear of flare ups), and many others.

I have spent over 30 years researching effective strategies for dealing with eczema and have found some excellent ideas for managing symptoms, dealing with the high levels of stress and living life to the fullest.

I firmly believe that the best approach is to work with a medical professional – particularly a qualified Dermatologist and to live a generally healthy lifestyle.

On my blog I will share my knowledge and experience of living with severe eczema in the hope that I can help others deal with their own condition and show that life can still be fulfilling and rewarding.

All the best with your journey,